It feels longer after our turkey-induced food coma, but it's been less than two weeks since we attended the Natural Disaster & Emergency Management Expo in New York City. Vendors and attendees ranged widely from emergency services to specialty products representing what the community at large is focused on right now in the midst of so many workplace changes. 

Now that everyone is settled back at their desk and charting a course to the end of the year, we wanted to highlight our major takeaways from the group. 

Security Services

A noticeable focus for many attendees (especially government organizations and large private organizations) was on security service operators. There seems to be strong interest in tapping into the resources and expertise of hired services over developing that infrastructure in house. It was great to see growth in this arena! 

An Opening Aperture 

For nearly two years now the focus for many in the emergency management field has been pandemic response. Although that continues to be a focus for Emergency Managers, it is clear that the goals for 2022 are more wide-reaching and seem to be coming with renewed interest and resources from leadership teams who have a very recent reminder of the importance of emergency planning, business continuity, and the resilience that comes with investing in this space.

We expect to see more teams reinvesting in full-scale disaster planning both at the office and at home as hybrid work models are more common than ever. Disaster response, evacuation, active-shooter response and more are leading the way as teams can devote more bandwidth to them. 


We also noticed a focus on education and training. It continues to be made clear that the best plans and supplies are nearly meaningless if your workforce is not aware of them. We're proud to have featured our growing Ethos Education offerings with in-person and virtual training as well as a growing on-demand video library covering a host of topics.

We know our solutions lead the way in modernizing preparedness education and training into something employees can easily engage with and truly absorb practical best practices to keep them safe at home, during their commute, and at the office.

Closing Thoughts

It was great to get back in the business of attending conferences and showcasing the solutions we offer here at Ethos Preparedness. From highlighting our patented Med Sled evacuation services to customer-trusted Redfora Emergency Kits + Supplies for Business, we look forward to being a part of the 2022 Emergency Planning goals for teams around the world. 

We'd love to get to know you and the resilience goals of your organization, get in touch today for a free assessment with an expert.