Your organization is only as resilient as your employees, your vendors, and your community.

Ethos Preparedness education aims to inform, encourage, and empower your people.


Creating A Preparedness Mindset

Studies have shown that people are not even minimally prepared for disasters in an increasingly disaster-prone world. In an unsparing examination of it's own efforts, FEMA concluded that the development of 'individual cultures of preparedness from the bottom up could eventually lead to a more resilient nation." Your workplace can be a part of that movement. Ethos Preparedness Events aim to create an enduring preparedness mindset in your workplace with:

  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Workplace Resilience Hubs
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Employee Preparedness Videos

The challenge of persuading people to prepare for events that have yet to happen is self evident. It’s a challenge for which Ethos is uniquely suited. The Ethos Preparedness Education library addresses the most common disasters that pose the greatest risk to the lives and livelihoods of your workforce. The series includes:

  • Before the Ground Shakes (Earthquake and ShakeAlertTM)
  • Before the Funnel Drops (Tornado)
  • Before the Waters Rise (Flood)
  • Before the Storm Hits (Hurricane)
  • Before the Fires Burn (Wildfire)
  • Plan, Shelter, Flee, Reunite (All Hazards)
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Workplace Resilience Hubs

We can help convert the power of our preparedness message into measurable action amongst your staff. You customized Workplace Resilience Hub can include:

  • An edited recording of your live preparedness seminar event
  • Access to Redfora Guides + local preparedness resources
  • Steep discounts on Redfora preparedness products
  • “How to” video resources on specific preparedness topics
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Get to Know Us

"Knowledge is not wisdom until it changes you." - Steve Eberlein.

Steve has the privilege of employing his speaking and AV skills to educate individuals and organizations on preparedness across the nation. Use the links below to get to know Steve.

Watch Steve’s 2018 TEDxPortland appearance Read "Preparedness and the Myth of Knowledge" Read "Ode to the Shakeout: Why I Love Earthquake Drills"

Let us help you create a customized plan that’s right for you.

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