Born from 15 years of innovative leadership in facility evacuation, we work with your team at every level to create a plan that is strategic, custom, and all-inclusive.

We believe in a world where no one is left behind.

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Ethos Evacuation Chairs

The Ethos Evacuation Chair safely moves your mobility-impaired population up or down stairs in unexpected scenarios. When comfort and security are the most important, this lightweight and budget-friendly design provides easy lifting and easy descending.  

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Med Sled® Evacuation

The Med Sled® product line is disaster-tested and disaster-proven, created to ensure no one, from the smallest NICU baby to your bariatric population, is left behind. 

Our industry-leading evacuation sleds and baskets are designed to be all-inclusive and adaptable, with options for every unit and population, outfitted for both horizontal and vertical lift rescue. When time is critical and lives are at stake, Med Sled® Evacuation Products are the solution.

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Patient Care Cots

Ethos' scalable Patient Care Cots allow healthcare providers to increase their surge capacity, while still maintaining a high level of care. Whether there is the need to provide mass care for a general population, active or intensive patient care at an abnormal time, or specialty care for a bariatric patient, Ethos Preparedness offers the solution.

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Surge Equipment

When increasing capacity quickly is a must, Ethos’ surge equipment solutions provide refuge and care for a community-wide response. From scalable patient care and resting cots to mobile water filtration systems, we’ll design the right allocation for your facility to solve your most complex surge capacity challenges.

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