Red bariatric evacuation sled with safety straps and a stairwell braking system.


The Med Sled® 48″ Bariatric Evacuation Sled is simple and easy to deploy. The standard 48″ Sled is designed for the Bariatric size evacuees and allows anyone to transport evacuees up to 3 times their own weight. The Standard Sled is ideal for adults weighing over 300 LBS or critical care patients that require medical care during an evacuation.

  • Deployed Dimensions: 48”W x 87”L
  • Stored Dimensions: 9” dia. x 48”W
  • Weight Rating: 1,000 LBS
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Consultative Approach

Before, during, and after the sale our team is here to support your preparedness efforts. Our complimentary evacuation readiness assessment is a data driven process that will allow you to understand how prepared your organization is for an emergency requiring evacuation. The assessment will identify the right mix of equipment, along with a deployment strategy.

Ethos provides the knowledge to effectively use Med Sled® evacuation equipment through our best-in-class onsite Train-the-Trainer program. Training is also available in a virtual and video format.

Over 5,000 facilities in 25 countries and all 50 states trust Ethos to prepare their organizations, because inspiring preparedness to save lives is our mission.

Evacuation Readiness Assessment

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