Emergency preparedness is more than just having an evacuation plan — you need the strategies and supplies to be ready for anything, including your organization’s worst day.

We're in business to make your organization a safe place.


Everyday Sanitizer Sets

A healthy team is a productive team. Make sure your employees stay safe with hand sanitizer, surface wipes, tissues, and disposable masks. It's an easy way to support Work-From Home, make returning to the office easier, or facilitate safer travel and commuting.

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Employee Care Kits

Make safety the priority and show your team you have their back. Whether it’s efficient under-the-desk emergency kits, portable get-home bags for your staff, or even home kits, Ethos can customize for your team’s needs and your organization’s brand.

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Emergency Captain Kits

Outfitting a unit leader in case of an emergency is vital to success in a tumultuous scenario. Leaders are required to make impactful decisions with incomplete information — Ethos offers simplified solutions with the supplies necessary for your response team to feel prepared.

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Shelter-in-Place Supplies

In an emergency, your team’s safety depends directly on your facility’s supply cache. Work with us to supply the essentials, like emergency food + water, personal protection equipment, backup power + light. Should the worst occur, be sure your team has the means to persevere.

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Let us help you create a customized plan that’s right for you.

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