On December 10th, 2021 unseasonably warm and humid weather along with an incoming cold front resulted in a historic line of severe weather barreling across several midwestern states including Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio.

Devastating damage was reported in Edwardsville, Illinois, and Mayfield, Kentucky along with dozens of other communities with 90 reported casualties as of December 17th. The outbreak was record-setting with one tornado reportedly crossing multiple state lines during a 240+ mile touchdown, dropping debris hundreds of miles away.

We reached out to our network of emergency managers to better understand what is happening on the ground. On top of the short-term needs to move patients to a safe place during the storm, many of these communities are now facing extended utility failures as crews work to restore water, electricity, and gas. 

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by these storms, especially the families of those lost or injured. Through Ethos Relief, we're proud to partner with organizations like SBP and Feeding America who offer support early and for months to come with an understanding that disaster recovery is a long-term mission.

As experts in evacuation equipment and employee education, we highly recommend facilities in the midwest and southeast be prepared with appropriate equipment and training to be ready for the next time severe weather occurs. Contact our team and we'll connect you with a Regional Manager who can perform a free facility assessment, connecting you with patented equipment to make sure you leave no one behind during an emergency.

View the Ethos Emergency Response Report