Giving Tuesday began in 2012 and has quickly grown to be one of the most charitable days of the year. In the wake of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is a chance for individuals and businesses to focus on supporting the charities working hard year-round doing important work. 

A portion of every sale from Ethos Preparedness is reserved by Ethos Relief to be donated to worthy causes in disaster relief, response, and planning. 

Over the years since Ethos Relief was formed we've noticed some trends in who is first to respond after a natural disaster, and a common theme is local food banks. Because they are generally well-established within the communities they serve they have the infrastructure and resources to be there quickly for those displaced or unable to get back to work quickly. 

This Giving Tuesday we're committing $2,500 Feeding America because food pantries are a critical part keeping communities fed after a disaster. To date we have donated over $30,000 directly to food banks in response to everything from wildfires in Oregon to the deep freeze in Texas last winter. 

Quick Facts about Food Banks During Disasters:

  • In the wake of the pandemic, multiple natural disasters, and normal demand, over 60 million people in the US turned to a food bank for support feeding their family in 2020 alone. 
  • Local food pantries represent a first line of defense after a disaster. Earthquakes, wildfires, or hurricanes all result in displaced families and interrupted supplies, making food banks critical.
  • Since Ethos Relief was created in 2018, we have now donated $32,500 directly to food banks.

We are also incredibly proud to announce that with this donation, the total donated through Ethos Relief has reached a stunning $180,000! We look forward to continuing to support the initiatives building resilient communities into 2022 and appreciate all of our customer's support!