Preparedness Month happens every September, a month where the experts at FEMA and give everyone an extra nudge to get educated on your local risks and get prepared with an emergency kit for your family.

We wanted to join that effort in a unique way so Redfora by Ethos announced our biggest Preparedness Month mission ever. Help us get 10,000 families prepared while donating $10,000 to disaster recovery through SBP in New Orleans! Here's how:

  1. You download any of our free Redfora Guides to Preparedness.
  2. We add $1 to our donation to SBP Disaster Recovery, up to $10,000! 

Redfora Guides are a collection of expert-curated tips, tricks, instructions, and checklists to help everyone easily navigate the sometimes confusing world of recommendations when it comes to getting prepared. From our 5-chapter guide to preparing for hurricanes to the ultimate DIY emergency kit checklist, we've got you covered.

Have you heard of SBP? Created in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, SBP has grown to become a national leader in disaster response with a special interest in shortening the recovery process through a combination of early preparedness + training, and boots on the ground efforts doing everything from mucking out homes to helping individuals navigate the insurance claim process. 

We're proud to partner with them on this initiative and support the incredible work they are doing in response to Hurricane Ida, as well as their ongoing efforts across the country. They are truly a great partner in response and recovery, sticking around well past when the news crews pack their vans. In fact, they just recently wrapped up their efforts helping victims of Hurricane Sandy, nearly a decade after that storm pulverized the Northeast. 

So this Preparedness Month we encourage you to not only download one of the Redfora Guides yourself, but to share this mission with a friend or family member as well. Together we can make this the biggest Preparedness Month ever! 

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Help Redfora by Ethos donate $10,000 to charity this month by downloading a free guide to preparedness