Every day we work with Emergency Managers, Resilience Teams, and Safety Coordinators doing the hard work of planning for things no one wants to think about. With 15+ years of experience, we have an intimate understanding of how important those teams are to keeping employees, patients, students, and visitors safe around the world. We also understand that the field is rapidly changing and a key part of the future of preparedness is ensuring that a variety of voices have a seat at the table.  

When individuals or organizations get prepared with a solution from Ethos Preparedness, a portion of proceeds is donated through Ethos Relief to support disaster recovery, foster resiliency, and grow the emergency management profession. This Preparedness Month we are proud to announce a first-of-its-kind donation to the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management. 

The Institute (I-DIEM for short) is a global non-profit dedicated to integrating equity into all aspects of emergency management. From ensuring that those in the field are equally as diverse as the groups they keep safe to making sure that the policies, procedures and equipment adopted take equity into account, we are proud to announce a $5,000 donation from Ethos Relief to support their efforts. 

Speaking about the impact of this donation, co-founder and CEO Chauncia Williams said “Thank you, Ethos Preparedness! Your donation represents a commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity in disaster management. Our organization, the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management will use this donation to further our cause for human-centered equity in all phases of the disaster cycle. I-DIEM stands firm in its belief that partners like Ethos will have tremendous impact on the lives of our country’s most vulnerable people who rarely achieve full recovery after disasters.”  

Curious what I-DIEM is up to? Here are two of their hero programs: 

HERricane Campaign 

A partnership with Farmers Insurance brought to life the first ‘HERricane’ Camp in Philadelphia this past week! This multi-day event aimed to introduce the field of Emergency Management to young women in the Philadelphia area highlighting incident management, communication and public speaking, personal preparedness, and diversity + inclusion.  

Lt. General Julius Becton Student Scholarship 

The first annual General Julius Becton Student Scholarship Fund winners were announced this month. The 3 winners received a combined total of $10,000 in scholarships to support a career in emergency management through the program named for the first minority FEMA Director from 1985 – 1989. Each year the fund will be awarded to minority students pursuing a degree in emergency management or homeland security-related fields.  

The Ethos Preparedness team looks forward to strengthening our support of the Emergency Management profession in the coming years through sharing our expertise, relief funds, and innovative products and content. If you’re a member of an organization you think we should know about, feel free to reach out to us directly at info@ethospreparedness.com 

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