Central to our mission here at Ethos Preparedness is giving back. A portion of every sale from Med Sled and Redfora goes toward making a difference for someone in need, with over $150,000 donated to date through Ethos Relief. Our efforts are often focused on helping communities affected by a disaster or efforts to build resiliency, but it is also important for us to donate our time to support our local community.  

As a St. Louis-based business, our team took a few hours out of our Friday afternoon last week to visit the St. Louis Area Food Bank. The St. Louis Area Food Bank supports 26 counties via a wide variety of programs from Food Fairs to boxes delivered to seniors in need. During our shift we sorted and re-packaged hundreds of pounds of potatoes as well as built boxes for a senior distribution program.  

The staff kindly showed the team around the impressive operations that keep food flowing from donors through packaging and to those in needs. Huge thank you to Mary, Leslie, Travis and Pam for making our volunteer experience so fun and fulfilling. 

To learn more about the St. Louis Area Food Bank or to volunteer, visit their website here. If you are not in the St. Louis area, check out their parent organization Feeding America to find food banks in your area.