Imagine you're at a high elevation in the mountains during peak snow season. Now imagine within that environment you're tasked with getting someone who is injured or otherwise non-ambulatory back to a safe location quickly. That scenario is exactly what the team at Teton Gravity Research wanted to simulate for those attending their International Pro Rider Workshop (IPRW). 

Accidents happen, even for the incredible athletes that scale rough terrain throughout the Rockies. It's imperative to have the equipment on hand for individuals and first responders to evacuate the backcountry and rapidly obtain medical expertise when needed. Enter the Med Sled® Vertical Lift Rescue (VLR).

From tactical quick drag to high-angle extraction and horizontal lifting, the Med Sled® VLR is compact enough to be carried by first responders or adventure teams, but comes ready to deploy with no rigging or assembly. The IPRW members were trained on deployment, safely moving their model patient down the mountain. 

"Moving an injured partner out of the backcountry is never easy, but using a Med Sled can make the ordeal a whole lot more manageable." 

Although the average Med Sled® user is not on a precarious mountain, our full product line is patented with designs rugged enough for the Rockies yet gentle enough for critical care patients. 

Read the full explanation of how TGR used Med Sled here. Interested in one of the many use cases of our Med Sled Specialty & Tactical Evacuation equipment? Check out our product guide or get in touch with your Regional Manager for an assessment.